• 04 july 2017
    At the Technoprom Forum, an agreement was signed between "Tornado Modular Systems" with "Siblitmash" and "Komintern"

    The tripartite agreement provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex from SibLitMach in the field of industrial robots ("Comintern") and the control system ("Modular Tornado Systems") that will cover the entire production cycle of the LAP, including the management of industrial robots

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The specialists of the “Tornado” company form an experienced and close-knit team of professionals, which has all the necessary competence in development of electronic devices, embedded software, system programming and in design, manufacture, assembling, commissioning, maintenance and service management of distributed control system (DCS) for automatic process control system (APCS).

More than 60 highly qualified specialists work for the company:

  • equipment developers;
  • project engineers;
  • programmers;
  • constructors;
  • technologists;
  • field engineers;
  • service engineers;

A core of our team consists of the employees of Institute of Automation & Electrometry, SB RAS with 30-years of experience in development of distributed control systems, including microprocessor-based tools for receiving and processing of information.

The key specialists are Candidates of Science in Physics and Mathematics or in Engineering; they teach at the Novosibirsk State University (NSU) and conduct scientific work in the SB RAS institutes. Some are the holders of patents for inventions and utility models.

The company structure includes the following main departments:

The R&D and technical support department develops basic hardware and software tools for automation and designs custom-made electronic devices. The department develops processor modules, I/O modules, other communication devices and a set of special purpose products. In addition, the department deals with maintenance and technical support of embedded automation systems (APCS, automatic dispatched control system (ADCS), utility metering system (UMS)). It also provides consultations on the use of specific hardware and software tools.

The technical department and production carry out the implementation of APCS projects. The department incudes of the main project engineers, technologists, project developers, technical writers, programmers, constructors and field engineers. The department’s specialists execute a full scope of works from design and documentation development to assembling and commissioning of the automation systems in an assembly area and later at the facility.

The metrological service of the “Tornado Modular Systems” company is accredited by Novosibirsk Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification to perform calibration works.

The educational center was created to teach modern technologies of industrial automation to specialists of different subject areas. The main teachers are developers, programmers and technologists of the "Tornado Modular Systems" company who are directly involved in the APCS creation.

The marketing department is engaged in pre-sale preparation and advertising. It performs execution of system supply contracts and distribution of hardware and software tools of automation. It also deals with supply and logistics.