• 04 july 2017
    At the Technoprom Forum, an agreement was signed between "Tornado Modular Systems" with "Siblitmash" and "Komintern"

    The tripartite agreement provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex from SibLitMach in the field of industrial robots ("Comintern") and the control system ("Modular Tornado Systems") that will cover the entire production cycle of the LAP, including the management of industrial robots

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Industrial automation equipment and software

«Tornado Modular Systems» offers its customers ready-made software and hardware Industry automation on systems and services for for their implementation: engeenering, construction, installlation, development of technical documentation, supply, training, technical support. ready-made software and hardware Industry automation on systems and services for for their implementation

ready-made software and hardware Industry automation on systems and services for for their implementation

The company's portfolio includes more than two hundred successfully implemented projects of automation of industrial enterprises, mainly in the "big" energy sector: Automated process control systems for Central Heating and Power Plant (CHPP), thermal power plant (TPP), State District Power Plant (SDPP), turbine units and combined cycle plants, geothermal and hydroelectric power stations; ACS of substations and ADCS of telemechanics; ACS of boiler and pumping stations; ACS of injection molding, oil production and other production cycles

ACS TP "on a turn-key basis"

Automation of large industrial power plants

The central part of the ACS TP is the software and hardware complex "Tornado". All the most important elements of the PTC, including industrial computers, are designed taking into account the requirements for technological equipment in Russia, are fault-tolerant and have high reliability indicators.

DCS «Tornado-N»   Electrohydraulic control system Electrohydraulic control system «Tornado-EGSR»

High-availability DCS

Mobile measuring system Tornado-MIK

The company «Tornado Modular Systems» offers a line of standard design-assembled DCS of high factory readiness, not requiring the development of project documentation (by customer) created and implemented by the company and its partners.

System for the exchange of technological information Tornado-STK   Tornado-RAS   Mobile test complex Tornado-MIK

DCS «Tornado-TM»

DCS «Tornado-TM»»

We offer a modern telemechanics complex, designed for the construction of ADCU systems and integrated into the automated process control systems on network enterprise. The telemechanics system ensures the functioning of the dispatching management services, relay protection and automation, operational services of electrical equipment and others.

The Tornado-TM telemechanics complex was recommended by the Interdepartmental Commission of FGC (Federal Grid Company) for use at UNEG facilities.

System for the exchange of technological information  Automated dispatch control systems Automatic emergency control system  Automatic frequency and active power control system  Technology information collection and transmission system   Operational interlocking of disconnectors