• 04 july 2017
    At the Technoprom Forum, an agreement was signed between "Tornado Modular Systems" with "Siblitmash" and "Komintern"

    The tripartite agreement provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex from SibLitMach in the field of industrial robots ("Comintern") and the control system ("Modular Tornado Systems") that will cover the entire production cycle of the LAP, including the management of industrial robots

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ACS for the machine tool industry

In 2015, at the request of SKB "Tyazhlitmash", CJSC "Tornado Modular Systems" developed a control system for automatic complexes for injection molding.

At the international forum Technoprom-2017, a tripartite agreement was concluded, which provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex (IPD) from SibLitMash in terms of industrial robots (Komintern) and control system (Tornado Modular Systems), covering the entire production cycle of PMD, including control of industrial robots.

Innovation component

The casting process is characterized by an exceptionally short (on the order of a few ms) flow time with subsequent crystallization of the melt. A non-standard approach and rich development experience made it possible to solve the control problem using a specialized module MIRage-NFM.


This module can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the machine,
which eliminates the delay for data transmission over the network.

Technological programs for the production cycle of the LPD are executed in the module's memory, which minimizes processing time.

When developing CS for complexes, a two-level hierarchical structure was implemented with the possibility of decentralizing control and management functions.

Zero level includes all sensors, meters, transducers, actuators and final controls that are directly connected to the programmable logic controller (PLC).

The first level performs all operations related to direct process control loops, sequential logic control, process monitoring and interaction with zero level elements. The hardware level must be implemented on a PLC and an industrial computer. The response time of the control system to control commands and requests for information output from an industrial computer should be no more than two seconds.

The control system also provides measurement and calculation of aggregate and technological parameters of the complex and plotting:

  • 1. Path of the press piston during the pressing phases in mm;
  • 2. Maximum speed of the press piston during the pressing phases in m/s;
  • 3. Multiplication pressure maximum and steady state MPa;
  • 4. Multiplication pressure rise time in ms;
  • 5. Press rest length in mm;
  • 6. Gas and oil pressures in MPa;
  • 7. The temperature of the mold in points and the metal in the furnace in deg;
  • 8. Locking force of columns for each and total in tons;
  • 9. Deviation in each column from the arithmetic mean force in% and tons;
  • 10. Cycle time of the complex and mechanisms;
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