• 04 july 2017
    At the Technoprom Forum, an agreement was signed between "Tornado Modular Systems" with "Siblitmash" and "Komintern"

    The tripartite agreement provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex from SibLitMach in the field of industrial robots ("Comintern") and the control system ("Modular Tornado Systems") that will cover the entire production cycle of the LAP, including the management of industrial robots

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APCS of die-casting

The control system of automation facilities is designed for die-casting of A711N10-00-001 model based on die-casting device with 6300 kN, 10000 kN and 35000 kN locking force. Control is implemented in automatic and semi-automatic modes by a specialized MIRage-NFM module and in this case the duration of data processing cycle is milliseconds.

General information

The facilities are designed for manufacture of exact forms of 1 to 70 kg from founding, non-ferrous metals and alloys using method of molding precision casting (blanks and precision components).

The control system is designed:

  • to manage and control the facility devices and auxiliary devices of the die-casting system according to a specified cycle;
  • to provide automatic programmed and controlled sustaining the given technological parameters during operation.

Monitoring and control are carried out from an isolated control desk of die-casting system and mechanization control. The adjustment board must be provided for each mechanism.

The composition of the die-casting facilities must include the following components manufactured in Russia only:

  • Computer-based control system with an open modular architecture;
  • Programmable logical controllers;
  • Electrical cabinets, desk and their components.

The facility structure:

  • Die-casting device;
  • Control desk of the facility;
  • The control cabinet ;
  • Distributing furnace;
  • Manipulator for metal filling;
  • Manipulator for cleaning of the molding;
  • Manipulator for lubrication of molding tool;
  • Thermostating system of molding tool;
  • Hydraulic press.

Die-casting device

The devices are designed for high-volume production of complex configuration and high quality moldings from non-ferrous alloys. Automated systems are created on the basis of die-casting devices. The strucure of the systems is:

  • die-casting device;
  • robot-pourer;
  • distributing electric furnace;
  • molding tool greaser.

At the request of a Customer, the system can be additionally equipped with the following devices:

  • manipulator for molding cleaning;
  • molding cooling bath;
  • edging press.

At a special request, considering wishes of the clients, in addition to the proposed models special devices with increased locking from 1600 to 35000 kN can be designed and manufactured.

Various types of molding produced by the die-casting devices:

  • body of internal combustion engine;
  • body of electric motor stator;
  • escalator step.

The system provides measurement and control of aggregate and technological parameters of the facility and plotting of graphs:

  1. A path of the press-piston at the pressing phases, mm;
  2. Maximum speed of the press-piston at the pressing phases, m/s;
  3. Maximum and steady multiplication pressure, mPa;
  4. Multiplication pressure rise time, ms;
  5. Butt-end length, mm;
  6. Gas and oil pressures, mPa;
  7. Temperature of the molding tool in points and of the metal in furnace, degrees;
  8. Column locking force of each and the total value, t;
  9. Deviation from the averaging effort in each column, % and t ;
  10. Cycle time of the facility and mechanisms.



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