• 04 july 2017
    At the Technoprom Forum, an agreement was signed between "Tornado Modular Systems" with "Siblitmash" and "Komintern"

    The tripartite agreement provides for import substitution for components of the injection molding complex from SibLitMach in the field of industrial robots ("Comintern") and the control system ("Modular Tornado Systems") that will cover the entire production cycle of the LAP, including the management of industrial robots

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APCS of fuel feeder of Tom’-Usinsk SDPP

In 2010, CJSC “Tornado Modular Systems” completed the APCS design of fuel feeder of Tom’-Usinsk SDPP, which is the largest thermal power plant (TPP) of Western Siberia south with the total installed capacity of 1345.4 MW.

The APCS is designed for monitoring and control of the following technological equipment:

  • belt conveyors;
  • hammer mills;
  • toothed disk grinders;
  • reciprocating feeders;
  • diagonal ploughs;
  • flap gates;
  • PVTs;
  • dust suppression system equipment;
  • plate feeder of the “VTA” valve;
  • routine launching equipment of 0.4 kV electric motors.

The system implements technological protections, interlocking, and Automatic Transfer Switch of the equipment mentioned above.

The total number of signals of remote terminal units (RTUs) of the distributed control system (DCS): 920, including:

  • Analog input signals of 4 to 20 mA: 194;
  • Analog input signals from chromel-copel thermocouples: 34;
  • Discrete input signals: 357;
  • Discrete output signals: 335;

The system (DCS) solves the following control tasks:

  • Automatic control;
  • Remote control and interlocking;
  • Logical control;
  • Technological protections.

Characteristics of the automation object

Two types of fuel are used for the station operation: coal (main) and furnace fuel oil (kindling and emergency reserve fuel). Solid fuel is supplied in railroad gondola cars and unloaded by two railroad car dumpers. The unloaded fuel can be supplied to the ground storage or directly to the raw coal bunkers of the boilers or simultaneously to the warehouse and raw coal bunkers or from the warehouse to the bunkers.

Fuel feeder equipment of Tom’-Usinsk SDPP consists of the following main mechanisms:

  • 2 railroad car dumpers;
  • 2 railroad car pushers;
  • 32 two belt conveyors;
  • 4 reciprocating feeders;
  • 1 plate feeder of the VTA value;
  • 38 diagonal ploughs;
  • 22 flap gates;
  • 6 hammer mills;
  • 4 toothed disk grinders;
  • 2 metal detectors and metal catchers.

The technological scheme of the fuel feeder is shown in the Figure.

  • Технологическая схема топливоподачи



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